Do you want to instantly upgrade your dinners in 10 minutes or less?

6 Sauces
15 Pantry Ingredients
5 minutes each
8 BONUS plant based recipes

Gluten Free
Refined Sugar Free!

It’s all in the secret sauce. Except it’s not a secret anymore, I'm sharing it with you!

What are you waiting for? #LetsGetSaucy

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    Arianne Jones

    Plant based Chef // Nutritionist (R.H.N) // Olympian

    Hey there, I'm Arianne

    I'm an Olympian, a Plant-Based Chef, Holistic Nutritionist and currently battling Lyme.

    I'm a speaker, storyteller, food photographer, fierce goal-chaser, elixir mixer and unshakable optimist.

    I'm not just one thing and I know you aren't either. You've got unique dreams and goals and I'm dedicated to heping you feel your best do you can reach them.

    Food and Lifestyle have the power to help you get there!

    I know this because I've lived it and I've helped Olympians, NHL players and everyday amazing humans live their best lives.

    Like stories? I've got a good one. Head to to read more.

    What's Inside?

    A grocery list to stock your pantry so you can make all 6 sauces on repeat!

    Recipes like green polka dot tahini will give you that creamy pop of flavour you can’t get enough of.

    Sweet and spicy sauce will brighten up ANY salad.

    And I'll bet the peanut sauce will have your family begging for seconds!

    BONUS! Fresh summer salad bowls, miso kale pesto pasta with blistered tomatoes, super greens bowl with masala spiced chickpeas and more

    Mmmm is your mouth watering yet?